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Very little documentation
for loans under $100K


Poor credit is workable
Better credit, better rates


24-Hour approvals
48-Hour funding


10 loan types
100s of lenders


Marketing / Advertising
Staffing: Payroll / Training
Equipment / Technology
Inventory / Supplies
Overhead / Cashflow


Local / Brick-n-Mortar
SaaS / Software
Marketing Agencies
Professional Services
Information Products

FullyFundable co-founders, The Kalis Brothers, Dan and Joe...

...have a strong passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs thrive and grow financially, professionally, and personally.

Dan and Joe have secured more than $50 million in business credit and loans for business owners In multiple industries.

In addition to providing "alternative" lending solutions to business owners, the Kalis Brothers strive to help companies become more stable, scalable, and bankable, overall.

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) the #1 reason for small business failure has often been lack of capital (and will probably always be the case). Working capital is like oxygen to a small business, and not having enough equates to commercial “suffocation.”
Working Capital
Challenges & Opportunities

Savvy business owners understand the power of multiplying capital by reinvesting free cash into assets and activities that generate revenue and increase operational efficiency, whether that investment capital was generated organically from product/service sales or borrowed from an outside party.

As opposed to consumer debt, commercial lending should be viewed as a “financial arbitrage” strategy: E.g. Borrow $1 at a cost of 10 cents, and use that $1 to generate $2, $5, or even $10 of profit. 

The challenge is that traditional local banks prefer to lend to small and mid-sized businesses with significant collateral, owners with excellent credit, and in mainstream industries they understand. 

This leaves out a large portion of today’s business owners and entrepreneurs, running lean, virtual, and technology-driven companies with strong financials, a savvy management team, and an in-demand product or service — most of which don’t possess physical assets that can be pledged as repossess-able collateral.

It also limits the fundability of companies owned by hard-working people who have lingering personal credit issues that are not indicative of their company’s ability to profitably use borrowed capital and pay it back fully in a timely manner

Most banks require borrowers to be strong in each of the “3 Cs”
  1. Credit
  2. Collateral
  3. Cash Flow

FullyFundable works with private direct lenders and FinTech investors who are willing to accept more of the financial “risks” that most traditional lenders won’t, yet still remain competitive in pricing.

The 4 primary benefits of FullyFundable’s funding service are:
  1. Flexibility with credit
  2. Speed of approvals and funding
  3. Convenience of very limited documentation
  4. Variety of programs available

"Best Case Scenario" Program Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I still apply if I've had past credit problems?
YES! We have access to many different alternative lending products, and several of them do not require good personal credit. We have been able to help many clients with a less than perfect credit history!
Should I still apply if I already have a business loan, but need more funding? 
YES! Since we have established relationships with so many different types of funding companies, we are often able to find a viable solution even if you already have an existing loan.
I just started my business. Will I still get approved for funding?
YES! While it certainly helps to have a well established business with consistent revenues, we do have access to a type of funding that is based on your personal credit instead of your business revenues. Feel free to submit your information, and we'll be sure to let you know what all of your options are based on the combination of your personal credit and business revenues.
Do I need to mail in signed hardcopies of the application and contract?
No! We process everything we do online, and happily accept all documentation through email on our secure servers.
How long does it take to find out if I am approved?
We have the ability to issue funding in as little as 24 hours, but the average funding time frame is 2-4 business days. This time frame depends on the speed in which our prospective clients submit the necessary information, which is actually minimal compared to most other types of financing.

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Step 1: Inquire Now To Find Out All Your Funding Options Within 24 Hours
* Not a formal application. Won't affect your credit
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